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Butter Dish in Dawn

Butter Dish in Dawn

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This butter dish is hand built in stoneware clay. All unglazed surfaces are sanded making them smooth to the touch and ensuring they don’t mark or damage surfaces they are placed on.

Pictured is the piece I’ll send you, the colour may look slightly different in real life depending on your screen settings.

The dimensions of this piece are: 

Base: 1.5 H x 13 W x 17 L cm

Top: 8.5 H x 8.5 W x 12.5 L cm

Each piece is handmade in my studio in Nana Glen, Australia.

It is recommended that you hand wash your pot with care in warm, soapy water, to increase its longevity. Lighter glazes may discolour from dark or bright foods, however these can often be removed with baking soda, a soft cloth and a little water.

Your vessel is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, provided the pot is warmed with the oven, as rapid heat/chilling may lead to cracking.