Handmade ceramic tableware, tiles and basins in Canberra, Australia

Girl Nomad Ceramics is designed and handcrafted in Canberra by Richilde Flavell. Richilde enjoys experimenting with a variety of clays and glazes, to make work that is subtle, featuring soft lines with contrasting and complementary elements. Each piece of Richilde’s wheel thrown, functional work is unique. Her range highlights contemporary tableware glazed with volcanic tones and exposed clay surfaces.

Girl Nomad Ceramics by Tim Beam

Whose hands made my pot you ask?

Hi, Im Richilde! (pronounced Risheild) I spent my childhood traipsing around bare foot, learning to swim in the river across the road and generally feeling humiliatingly awkward in groups of more than two people, but get me with my besties and I became the extrovert. It still happens a bit, but at least now I can talk to people I don't know!

I moved out of home at 15 so i could finish high school then spent my twenties traveling Australia, then Europe and India on the cheep, hitchhiking and volunteering for the most part.

When I returned to Australia in 2008 I began pottery classes at the Carlton Art Centre in Melbourne, then I moved to Bellingen and was guided by John Tuckwell, before moving to Canberra to undertake a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Australian National University, graduating  in 2015.

At the ANU School of Art + Design is where things started to click into place and I began to feel I'd finally(!) found my way.  

Now I'm a full time potter in my studio at the Watson Art Centre.

I teach Introduction to clay on Wednesday evenings, Basic Wheel Throwing on Friday evenings and Basic Wheel Two on Sunday afternoons at the Canberra Potters Society. 

I also teach workshops from time to time.


Top mage by Tim Beam thanks to Her Canberra

Bottom image Lean Timms