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Mocan and Green Grout

Beautiful food, fair trade coffee, local designers. 19 Marcus Clarke St, New Acton. Canberra You can also see ceramics made by other local potters Becca Alcorn and Kelly Austin Ceramics at Mocan              

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Handmade ceramic tiles

These ceramic tiles are hand formed in a number of clay bodies and individually glazed, they were developed for display at Denfair's Front I Centre, representing Craft ACT Craft and Design Centre. 

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Reuleaux Dawn and Dusk side tables

The Reuleaux Dawn and Reuleaux Dusk side tables are a collaboration between Girl Nomad Ceramics and Canberra furniture maker, Rolf Barfoed. The Reuleaux side table are designed with materiality at the forefront, beckoning through visual and tactile cues. With sweeping lines and the subtle grace of the handmade, the Reuleaux side tables are sure to elicit curiosity in any setting. Victorian Ash, soap finished, stoneware unglazed. 550w x 550d x 420h mm

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